Dev Diary #14

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Dev Diary #14

Post by Guardian » December 14th, 2017, 8:22 am

Hello everyone! I am so glad to meet you again. Today I will give you an overview of my working process.
Tools of the Trade
For the modeling process I use Blender.
Blender is an open source content creation package that is becoming a strong contender to professional tools.
For a free package, Blender is extremely powerful as it can do more than just modeling.
Only a few people know it, but Blender is a full fledged game engine. It can also do video editing similar to Adobe Premiere.
Check out Blender at

For texturing I use Substance Painter.
There is only one word that can describe Painter accurately and I think that word comes short when it comes to Painter's features.
Substance is AWESOME!!!!
Check out Substance Painter at

I am going to start with a low poly engine piece. This will be enough to outline the process I follow.

The first thing I do once I have a suitable model is to unwrap it. Unwrapping is not a fun process, but it is quite important to get it right as it can make of kill the final texture. Unwrapping is the process of taking the 3D model, flatten it down and then lay its faces on a 2D plane which can be exported to be painted in an image editor program. When unwrapping it is important to ensure that the faces of the model are correctly aligned in the UV plane

Once the unwrapping is done and aligned we have something like this.

For this particular model I like to smooth all of its normals. This helps the baking software get better results.

Once I am done with the low poly I start creating a high polygon version of the model.
This high polygon version of the model will be used in a process called baking which allows for higher detail in a normally simple model without the expense of extra geometry.

After I am done with the high poly version of the model. I export both the low poly and the high poly and import the low poly into Substance Painter.

Here is where the high poly comes in. We need to fire up the baker!

And we get this awesome piece of art!

Now we can start to paint.

The power of Substance Painter relies in that it allows to create many different textures without losing changes or being destructive.
PBR rendering is indeed the best thing that ever happened to the video game industry!

Here are some examples variations created within Painter.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this simple walk-through. Later we will go a bit deeper into each step of the process.