Dev Diary #7

A little glimpse inside the mind of the developers.
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Dev Diary #7

Post by OmegaStorm » October 25th, 2017, 7:24 pm

Ayyy! My name is Brandon Ivey, and I am one of the game developers here at Digital Meatloaf. I like to consider myself a Jack of All Trades, given that I tend to dabble in various skills rather than sticking around to master them.

I was introduced to video games at a very young age, sitting and watching my mother play games. It wasn’t long until I was playing the likes of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt myself. I was a master straight out of the gate! Okay, I admit that I cheated on Duck Hunt and held the Nintendo Zapper all the way up to the TV. I blame the dog.

Growing up, I owned every Nintendo console and handheld, and at some point when I was still fairly young, I began having aspirations of working for Nintendo when I grew up. While that specific desire subsided as I got older, I still wanted to be involved with creating games.

It was just before I graduated high school that ITT Technical Institute had started a game design degree, and since there was a campus not too far from home, I applied to attend. Various relevant subjects were covered in my first years there, like modeling and animation, art and video manipulation, web development, etc. Nothing was covered particularly in depth, and some things I already knew. It wasn’t until the second two years that video games were actually involved, though, for the most part, much of it focused on design. Only a few classes towards the end actually involved creating anything.

Lest this become a rant about my perceived value of the bachelor degree I obtained, I’ll just say this: I was not at all surprised when ITT Tech closed its doors last year.

It was not long after I graduated that I met my wife and my life took a different direction. Intent to stay in Tennessee, I stopped pursuing work in the game industry, because Tennessee was decidedly lacking in that regard at the time. Not to say I didn’t still tinker on various things in my own time. True to my jack of all trades way, I jumped around trying out different things, including web development, though nothing in a professional setting.

I was introduced to Sean purely through chance in April of 2017. My father, who happens to be a carpenter, was working on something for Sean’s parents, where he learned that Sean was working on a game after mentioning that I had attended school for game design. I got in touch with Sean, and after a nice chat, I joined up to help make this game a reality.

Many of the things I learned back in school have been lost to time, but the opportunity to work on this project is breathing new life into skills long since ignored, and even developing some new ones.

When I started on the project, I was assisting with modeling ships for one of the factions in the game, though I have since changed gears and am looking into visual effects and the coding involved in making them work. While this is still very much a part time endeavour, I am confident that we shall have something to show y’all soon.

Until next we meet!