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Location: Tennessee, US

Joined On: February 2017

Sean Bentzen Founder/Creative Director Forum Page -->
Username: Merku

My name is Sean Bentzen, and I’m the co-founder and Creative Director of Digital Meatloaf. I'm a professor of political science and an avid writer; my goal is to bring my academic expertise and passion for gaming to the forefront of my efforts here. I want to create worlds that are both believable and fun places for players to lose themselves in. My responsibilities here at Digital Meatloaf beyond business are: creative direction and project leadership of all studio projects, creative writing of all projects, and design lead on the studio’s flagship project: Black Raven.

Outside of Digital Meatloaf, my days are filled with teaching college courses, writing, gaming, and spending time with my wife, kids, and pets.
To learn more about me, visit my <Dev Diary>.

Location: South Africa

Joined On: February 2017

Schalk van der Merwe Founder/Technical Director Forum Page -->
Username: N/A

My name is Schalk van der Merwe, and I am the Technical Director at Digital Meatloaf. In a nutshell, it is my responsibility to organize the codebase, deal out tasks to the programmers, and make sure everything is up to snuff.

Other than Digital Meatloaf, my day is taken up by my studies, gaming, and spending time with my family. In fact, it is Sean and I's shared passion for video games and telling stories through games that brought us together to form Digital Meatloaf.

Location: Tennessee, US

Joined On: April 2017

Brandon Ivey Modeler / VFX Artist Forum Page -->
Username: OmegaStorm

My name is Brandon Ivey, and I am the Jack of All Trades for Digital Meatloaf, currently focused on modeling and visual effects. I attended ITT Technical Institute where I obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science as part of their Digital Entertainment and Game Design studies. Though my life took a different course when I met my wife shortly after graduation, I always desired to be involved in the game industry, and it was through happenstance that I was introduced to Sean, joining the team in late April 2017. The opportunity to work on this team is allowing me to regain skills lost to time, and even develop some new ones.

As with many others, I've been a gamer for most of my life, starting off with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on the NES, although I did play a few Atari games around that time as well. While I will generally enjoy playing just about any game you place in front of me, I usually gravitate to a few specific genres, which include action adventures, shooters, and role playing games. Outside of gaming, you'll usually find me spending time with my wife and family.

Location: Massachusetts, US

Joined On: July, 2017

Chris Bonnell Website/Game Developer Forum Page -->
Username: TurdPile

Ahoy! I am both the website developer and a game developer for Digital Meatloaf. The site you see was designed by Rich and coded by myself. By day, I work full-time as a database administrator, interacting mostly with Microsoft's SQL Server. By night, I am an mobile game developer and avid gamer, with current gaming interests being Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, and PUBG. The desire to make an enjoyable game has always been a passion of mine, and to be able to work with a team like Digital Meatloaf's helps make that additional step toward having my passion be a reality.

I am hoping that my experience in data management and multiplayer experience from my previous side-projects can contribute to the current affairs of the game Digital Meatloaf is creating. I've always been hooked on the multiplayer experience since being addicted to StarCraft in my childhood. The StarCraft community feel is what I strive to replicate in the games I work on.
To learn more about me, visit my <Dev Diary>.

Location: Alberta, Canada

Joined On: April, 2017

Richard Sweet Graphic Designer Intern Forum Page -->
Username: SweetSpot

I am the design intern for Digital Meatloaf. I was hired very early on by Sean, and while I mostly do 3D modeling, I have skills in other areas as well. I joined Digital Meatloaf and the Black Raven project because I recognized it as both a risk and an opportunity.

To be involved in something like this so early on in life is a dream for many people my age, and I am devoted to this team not only because I believe the world will enjoy our games, but also because, if the studio does manage to find success in the world, I will share in that success. It is because of this that I view my internship as a way to get a head start into my career.

Outside of Digital Meatloaf, I am taking courses at NAIT for animation and game design. I have a philosophy for games: "For a game to be considered 'good', the player must be having fun even when they are losing". I tend to play more casual games than competitive, and often survival and shooter games.

Location: Tennessee, US

Joined On: July, 2017

Jonathan Hibma Game Development Intern Forum Page -->
Username: MetalHeadNerd

My name is Jonathan Hibma, and I am a Programming Intern for Digital Meatloaf. The goal I have working at Digital Meatloaf is to gain experience in the field of game design, and work toward being a project manager wherever I work in the future.

Apart from working at Digital Meatloaf, I am involved in multiple music projects and rock bands. I have a passion for Heavy Metal Music, Video Games, and Horror Movies.

I am currently attending MTSU's Computer Science Program.

Location: Tennessee, US

Joined On: September, 2017

Jonathan Horne Game Development Intern Forum Page -->
Username: skywardstarer

My name is Jonathan Horne, and I am a programming intern for Digital Meatloaf. My goal is to gain more experience with designing games and working in a team.

I have always wanted to be a part of a development team since I was young, so this is very much like a dream come true. That being said I have played many different games of many different genres as a way of understanding what it is that makes a game fun, in the hopes of bringing that to any games I am a part of in my future.

I am also attending MTSU for computer science.

Location: Texas, US

Joined On: October, 2017

Tisha Charlton Texture Artist Intern Forum Page -->
Username: notethedruid

Hiya! My name is Tisha and I'm a texture artist intern for Digital Meatloaf. I will be making everything look all purdy for you guys. I do enjoy every aspect of game development and love to see how projects came to be from beginning to end. I haven't been a part of the team for very long, but it is my hope to gain experience, knowledge, and improve upon my skills in working for Digital Meatloaf.

Outside of Digital Meatloaf, I'm a stay at home mom and tank for one of my online video games. The hubby likes to call it my second job ha ha ha. If I'm not taking care of my kiddies or downing the next boss in a raid I'm usually working on a model or watching a tutorial about something art related. Aside from that I enjoy watching various animes, movies, doing some cosplay, playing various game genres like RTS, strategy, tactics, rpg, action adventure, puzzle, brain games, and eating cookies.

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