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Additional Test

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This is a test of the announcement system, again. Behold, the power of Digital Meatloaf's announcements- now with MORE meatiness! :o :mrgreen:
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Dev Diary #21

Posted On:
Happy Valentines day everyone! This week's dev diary is going to be quick. We've had a couple updates within the programming team, soon enough we should have a demo that is ready to be tested! God willing 'soon' being within the next few months... The User Interface is almost completed. Just a few adjustments here and there and that should be done, as well as the accompanying art that goes with it still going through some design drafts and tweaks. As we come ever closer to D-day (Demo day), the more we figure out we have to get done. We got to touch up on some things that we need to go back to, such as the user settings and the Menus, as well as the behind the scenes functionality.
Well, that's it for this week's Dev Diary! stay tuned for more updates as we get ever so closer to completion.
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